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    Competition Rules
    1. One entry per person.
    2. The competition will conclude 23:59 June 14th PT time.
    3. The winner will be contacted via the email they provide within one week of the competition concluding.
    4. If the winner opts to, they can give the prize to a family member or friend so they can appear within the comic. 
    5. The comic will be created solely by TPub.
    6. The laptop will be provided by Razer.
    7. Once a winner is selected TPub will discuss with you what type of role you would like within the comic. For example we have many characters (Heroes and Villains) to choose from. 
    8. Should the winner not wish to appear in The Theory there will be an option to appear in a different title. 

    Razer Blade 15 Studio

    Equipped with an 8-core Intel® processor, NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics and a custom calibrated 4K OLED display, the Blade 15 Studio Edition is less laptop and more studio


    BATTLESUIT was Directed and Produced by sci-fi director Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull (The Beyond, Disney’s Fast Layne & 2036 Origin Unknown) and written by Neil Gibson (Twisted Dark, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man & The Traveller), based of a story by David Court (The Theory, Forever and Ever Armageddon, & Scenes of Mild Peril).

    “If I was to ask myself a few years ago, if I could pull off a high concept CG animated project like Battlesuit on a laptop remotely – I would probably think I was insane.

    Today, tools like Unreal Engine powered by Nvidia GPU rendering on a Blade laptop are empowering filmmakers like myself to push the boundaries of sci-fi storytelling without restrictions, thus enabling me to realise my vision regardless of how wild my imagination is”

    Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulull | Director and Producer