We believe that if you are 100% confident in your comic making skills as they stand, and don’t want/need any help with the writing, art, colouring or lettering, then we are not the publisher for you. We want to help you make the best comic you can by coaching you, and pushing you to be your best. That takes more effort on our end, but feel free to reach out to anyone we have published and see how they feel about the process.

So, how do you submit?

Send an email with your submission to or use the contact form on this page and in it include the following:

Suggested title

  • The WHOLE story in 5 bullet points
  • You do not need to supply art, but if you are just sending in the script you need to know you will eventually have to provide art and that means you need to have a budget to produce it – either the time to draw it, or the money to pay an artist.

Things you can include but are optional:

  • Logline/pitch
  • Character summaries and art sketches
  • Sample pages from artist

Again, if you have already made your comic and it is fully drawn, coloured and lettered, then it is too late to have approached us.